Shandong: Seven Christians Arrested While Gathering


On Marhc 4th, 2003, seven Christians were meeting at Xiangcui Liu’s home in Sanzhuang Town, Donggang District, Rizhao City, Shandong Province. The police arrested six of them, five of whom were criminally detained and fined.


About 5:00 in that afternoon, Donggang District Police Department State Protection Team Director Jinde Liu led a group of police broke into Xiangcui Liu’s house, blocking seven Christians inside the home. Then the police ransacked the house, confiscating all spiritual books, hymn CDs and CD players. One of the Christians took a chance escaped and the rest were taken to the town police station.


At the police station, the Christians were interrogated by Jinde Liu and others. Ju County Police Department State Protection Team Director Peili Wu and Associate Director Shanjun Yang came to join the interrogation also. They used leather belt and wood club to beat Christian Guangzhao Yu. Yu’s face and head swell a lot and blood ran out of his mouth. Then the police forced his to sit on the ground for more than ten hours, during when he was punched and kicked for many times. His legs were severely injured and could not get recovered for a long time. The other Christians were similarly mistreated. The interrogation lasted for more than 20 hours. But the Christians did not give in.


The next day, Weijin Liu was released because he denied believing in God. The other five were detained as criminals under the charge of “suspected to involve in interruption the state law implementation by cult organization”. Xiangcui Liu was sent to Rizhao City Detention Center while the other four sent back to Ju County Detention Center. The details follow:


Xiangcui Liu, female, from Rizhao City, detained for 31 days, and fined for 3000 RMB (~$370);

Shijuan Wang, female, from Lingyang Town, Ju County, detained for 23 days, and fined for 2000 RMB (~$250);

Yuechun Wang, female, from Longshan Town, Ju County, detained for 28 days, and fined for 2000 RMB;

Guangzhao Yu, male, from Liujiaguanzhuang Town, Ju County, detained for 30 days;

Xiulian Ji, female, from Zhailihe Town, Ju County, detained for 30 days.